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Oh No! What Happened To The Lights?


Having an electrical emergency is never pleasant. Fortunately, most people call in an electrician before the problem gets too serious. But it isn’t always easy to recognize that something’s wrong. In fact, the majority of house fires in the U.S. are caused by faulty wiring that the homeowner didn’t know about.

Sometimes it’s obvious that electrical repairs must be done, like when a lightning storm fries out the HVAC system or the computer.┬áTo avoid surprises like this, you’ll need to be proactive about the condition of this important home system. There are things you can watch for that should be taken care of if found. You can also install surge protection so a lightning strike doesn’t do any damage. Call an electrician for repairs if:

  • You hear loud popping noises when plugging something in.
  • You notice black soot on or around outlets or switches.
  • You smell burning rubber or something similar.
  • Your smoke alarm won’t stop going off.
  • You can’t use the microwave without dimming the lights.
  • Light fixtures flicker or won’t turn on.
  • The breakers trip frequently.
  • Outlets aren’t working or spark when plugging something in.

The Electrical Inspection? Isn’t That Just For Home Buying?

No, while electrical inspections are important before buying a home, you also want to have one done every five years or sooner. Your electrical panel, wiring, connections, components, outlets, switches, and more need to be tested by an electrician who is certified to do the inspection.

If you haven’t had an electrical inspection within the last few years, have one done ASAP. Some homeowners never get this done because they didn’t know it should be done regularly.

Upgrading That Old Panel

Most homeowners don’t know how old the electrical service panel in their home is or if it was ever upgraded. If the only person looking at your electrical panel was the home inspector prior to buying your house, call to have your panel upgraded soon.

The electrical service panel is the box that houses the breakers and routes the wires to the different rooms of the house. An older panel will have problems keeping up with all our modern appliances and equipment. It is much better to have the panel upgraded if it’s needed than to deal with a house fire or electrical repairs later.

Electrical Repairs As Needed

Refrigeration is especially important for food storage. If you wind up having to deal with a refrigerator that isn’t working because the electrical system shut down, you’ll have a lot of food and perishables that could ruin. If you notice that something isn’t working right, be sure to call an electrician for repairs. In Philadelphia County, call Mandia Electric for repairs, upgrades, inspections, and more.

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