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Philadelphia Electrical RepairsWhen it comes to the power of a storm, surges occur frequently when lightning strikes and electrical systems are affected by the surge in power. Many times homeowners are caught off guard, not expecting their expensive electronics to get fried so suddenly. Unfortunately, one can never predict when a surge is going to happen, so being prepared beforehand is the only way to ensure you’re protecting potentially thousands of dollars worth of home equipment.

There are choices in surge protection for your home. We always recommend that you consider a whole house surge protection system that’s professionally installed so all your home’s electronic devices are protected including your large appliances and more.

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Types of surge protection vary. At Mandia Electric, we can help you with any type of surge protection you may be looking for.


The GFCI is a special electrical interrupter outlet installed in your home for areas that are near water sources. When water is detected by the system, the circuit is interrupted and electrical activity ceases. This keeps you safe from the possibility of electrical shock.


AFCI outlets detect wiring problems and interrupt the circuit to prevent electrical fires. Over time, wires and connections will age, creating surges, sparks, arcs, and more. This problem means you’re facing risk of electrical damages like shorts or sparks that can contact nearby flammable materials. Faulty wiring is the leading cause of house fires.

Whole House Surge Protection

Many times, we hear homeowners say they believe they have all the surge protection they need because their home computers are plugged into a surge protector unit. Unfortunately, this is only the barest minimum of protection you can get.

Without adequate whole house surge protection installed by a professional electrician, the rest of your home’s expensive appliances and any electrically run equipment is at equal risk during a surge.

When a power surge hits your home, it doesn’t always just travel down the electrical wiring. It can travel through your telephone and cable lines as well, threatening your phone, fax, answering machines, TV’s, stereo’s , refrigerators, freezers, home HVAC systems, lighting, and anything else electrical and plugged into a power source of some kind.

Plus, even if the surge occurred along just the electrical line that home computer system is plugged into, many single outlet plug-in style surge protector units are seriously lacking in protection and at best are slightly glorified extension cords!

You need quality surge protection for your entire home in order to keep from damage during a surge. Remember, not all surge protectors live up to their name, and even though there are a few quality single outlet surge protectors, you’re only providing protection for one small area of your home.

Did you know you’re electrical wiring can suffer greatly from power surges? An entire section of your wiring can be destroyed during a surge and need replacing. We’ve seen it happen many times where older wiring in a home (that probably needed replacing anyway) gets annihilated during a surge. That’s just another reason to have whole house surge protection. The last thing you want is for the surge to create a fire because the home wasn’t properly protected.

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