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Lighting Installation Ideas For Energy Efficient Homes


Energy costs have been increasing over the past few years, so when it comes to the energy consumption of your home, you want to keep it at a minimum. Due to this, we recommend that you consider a low voltage lighting installation.

There are a number of advantages that low voltages lights bring with them, one being that they are much more energy efficient when compared to other lighting options. Low voltage lights are just as effective as normal incandescent bulbs but only use around 20% of the power! 

Low Voltage Lighting For Homes

Incandescent lighting is easy to install and less expensive up front. They are one of the most versatile and widely used lamp types which offer appealing warm color. They come in both line-voltage and low-voltage models.

Low voltage lighting has a transmitter that brings the regular 120 volts down to 12 volts. Examples of this lighting type are certain chandeliers and recessed lights. Line-voltage is the standard voltage in outlets. Most ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, and table lamps operate at 120 volts.

Low Voltage Quality Of Light

You may wonder if low voltage lighting is too soft to do any good. Today’s technologies have made them operate more efficiently while producing the same illumination that standard fixtures do. This has a lot to do with the smaller size of the filament and how it disperses light. Low voltage light is warmer, sharper, clearer, and more natural looking.

Dimmer Light Switches & Remote Controlled Lighting

Before you make any decisions about lighting installation, think about remote controlled lights and dimmer switches. Your first thought will probably be the design of the light fixture but start with ways to make it all more functional. With remote control dimmer light switches, you can easily turn down the lights at the touch of a button. Just ask your electrician about a wireless dimmer switch or outfitting your entire home with a smart lighting control system.

Recessed Lighting In LED

Recessed lighting is very flexible and can even be purchased with remote controlled LED bulbs that allow you to adjust the color of the light without changing out the bulb.

Whether it’s to give a young child a little security with a soft light’s glow or set a romantic mood for a date night, recessed lighting is a great choice if you are adding additional lighting to your home or changing out old receptacles.

The Cost Saving Benefits of Low Voltage Lighting

When you switch to low voltage lights your energy savings can add up. Since they consume significantly less energy while offering fantastic illumination both inside and outdoors, there is no reason that you should not consider switching to this attractive alternative. The savings that these new lights will provide more than makes up for the installation costs of new low voltage lighting.

Another advantage is that when you make the switch to low voltage lighting, that you will ultimately end up spending less on replacing your bulbs. Low-voltage bulbs last much longer than traditional lighting, allowing you to further reduce your expenditures and waste output another way.

A Safer Alternative For Exterior Lighting

Since low-voltage lighting uses significantly less electricity compared to the incandescent alternatives, they output a much less dangerous flow of current. Sometimes lights can pose electrocution hazards when exposed to severe rain or snow, but this danger is eliminated when using low voltage fixtures.

With their compact design and low power draw, these lights can also be used more plentifully, and at lower cost, to provide security to the exterior of your home. Low voltage lights are more easily installed in places where larger incandescent lighting would have trouble fitting. 

The low power draw means that you do not have to worry about a significant impact on your electricity bills because of additional security lighting. More lighting means a safer environment at night, and low voltage lighting will get you there without breaking the energy budget. Call Mandia Electric to learn more today!

If you would like to learn more about Lighting Installations or are looking for a Langhorne Electrician then please call 215-752-2906 or complete our online request form.

If you are looking for a Langhorne Electrician then please call 215-752-2906 or complete our online request form.