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Signs that You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Upgrade Your Electrical PanelIn contemporary homes, we demand more from our electrical systems than we did at any point in the past. As such, if you live in an older home, chances are that your electrical system, and specifically your electrical panel, was not designed to provide the amount of energy that you need in order to run all your electronic devices.

If you notice that your electrical system is under-performing, the first thing that you should do is contact a professionally licensed Langhorne electrician. Tthe most highly skilled and experienced electricians are at Mandia Electric. Their team can inspect and troubleshoot your electrical system in order to determine the precise source of the problem. In the mean time, here are some signs that your electrical panel may need to be upgraded.

Problems Presented By and Older Outdated Electrical Panel

Oftentimes, if your electrical panel is old and outdated, various problems will manifest when you are using your devices. Essentially, your electrical system is being overloaded and is having difficultly providing the amount of electricity that you need within your home. Here are some visible and functional signs that you should consider conducting a panel upgrade:

  • Flickering and dimming lights
  • Melted electrical wiring
  • Constantly Tripping Circuit Breakers
  • Appliances not working simultaneously
  • Circuit breakers that fail to trip

All of these signs that you need to upgrade your electrical panel are a problem for two reasons. One, you and your family cannot enjoy your home to the utmost because it is not able to provide for your electrical needs. Secondly and more importantly, these signs that your electrical panel is overloading also indicate that your outdated electrical system is a potential safety hazard. As such, if you notice any of the above mentioned signs, you should call the professional electricians at Mandia Electric for help.

Adding Substantially to Your Current Electrical System

Even if you have a relatively new home, there may be times in which you need to update your electrical panel. Essentially, whenever you substantially increase the amount of energy that your home needs, you should assess whether or not you need to update your electrical panel.

As such, if you construct a home addition, finish your basement, add a new circuit to your property, or install a large electrical appliance, you risk increasing your energy needs past the point that your current panel was designed to accommodate. Whenever you make a major addition to your electrical system, it is always helpful to solicit the advice and services of a professionally licensed electrician. Mandia Electric and their Denver contractors are here to assist you with all of the efforts and needs.

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