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Langhorne Electrician Services for the Home

Mandia Electric is a professional Langhorne Electrician providing a variety of residential electrical services in Philadelphia County and the surrounding areas. Our residential services include electrical repairs, lighting, panel upgrades, surge protection, electrical wiring and replacement, rewiring, troubleshooting and more.

Residential Electrical Services We Provide in Langhorne

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Philadelphia Aluminum Wiring ReplacementAluminum wiring used to be the standard back in the 60s and 70s, but after safety hazards were associated with this type of electrical wiring, it switched over to copper wires. If your home was built during the 60s or late 70s, it is possible that you need to invest in aluminum wiring replacement services. At Mandia Electric we can help you determine the best solution for your electrical wiring, whether its a partial or full rewiring project. [...] Read More

Electrical Safety Inspections

Langhorne Electrical Safety InspectionsAt Mandia Electric your electrical safety is one of our top priorities. We provide thorough electrical safety inspections to ensure homeowners and their families are safe. Faulty wires and outdated electrical systems are one of the biggest causes of fires in the home, so it is important that your home be inspected to ensure all electrical wires and appliances are operating as they should. [...] Read More

Home Generators

Philadelphia Home GeneratorsLosing power for an extended period of time can cause more than just discomfort and boredom. It could be a costly experience for the homeowner, ranging from a dead refrigerator full of spoiled food to medical emergencies. Having a home generator installed can help prepare you for the next power outage, keeping you comfortable and ensuring your appliances keep running while you retain access to air conditioning and heating systems, lighting, telephones and etc. [...] Read More

Electrical Wiring

Langhorne Electrical WiringAt Mandia Electric our Langhorne electricians are skilled in both electrical wiring installation and repairs. Whether you are building a new home or room addition and need electrical wiring installed, or need of a complete home re-wiring to get rid of outdated knob-and-tub-wiring, or are having trouble with your current electrical system and suspect it has something to do with the wiring, you can rely on our Langhorne electrical contractors to get the job done right the first time. [...] Read More

Electrical Repairs

Langhorne Electrical RepairsWhen you need electrical repairs in the Greater Philadelphia area, just call Mandia Electric to have your electrical problems taken care of quickly and correctly. We have years of experience under our belts and provide top quality electrical repairs to homeowners throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We've seen a lot of electrical problems in our day, and you can rest assured that our electricians have the training and tools to take care of your electrical system's woes. [...] Read More


Philadelphia LightingImprove your home's curb appeal or lighten up the interior with some new, stylish indoor lights by calling the lighting specialists at Mandia Electric! Our electricians are your source for lighting installation and repairs. From recessed lights to pendant lights, low voltage lighting, landscape lighting, security lights, pool lighting installation and more, you can count on us to light up your home! [...] Read More

Panel Upgrades

Philadelphia Panel UpgradesHomes often need panel upgrades to keep up with today's electrical demands. New appliances and electrical devices all put a strain on the electrical system, and if the capacity for power isn't up to par, it can cause lights to flicker, breakers to trip, outlets to stop working, and damages to your home and electrical system. At Mandia Electric our Langhorne electricians provide panel upgrades so that our customers' homes can handle today's electrically demanding world safely. [...] Read More

Surge Protection

Langhorne Surge ProtectionA surge or spike in power that suddenly hits the electrical line can cost homeowners thousands of dollars due to the replacement of fried appliances. Sometimes it's just a printer or blender, other times it can be a refrigerator, computer, or cellphone. The cost can be avoided, however, if your home is equipped with surge protection. Protect your home from the next storm or unexplained power surge with whole house surge protection devices installed by our professional electrical contractors! Our surge protection systems will protect your kitchen appliances, computers, entertainment systems, heating and air conditioning systems and other electrical components from sudden power surges. [...] Read More

Floor Heating

Langhorne Surge ProtectionReady for the warm, comfort of heated floors in you house! We can install safe and soothing electricly warmed flooring in your home today. Basement, bathroom, kitchen? where ever you walk on tile or hard surfaces make sure your comfort level is reaching its maximium potential. [...] Read More

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