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Langhorne Surge ProtectionWhen a power surge hits your home, you might face more than just a quick flicker of the lights. Some power surges end up costing homeowners thousands of dollars in electrical repairs and replacing fried appliances, entertainment systems, and other electrical devices. At Mandia Electric our Langhorne surge protection experts can help you avoid this type of situation by installing surge arresters designed to protect your entire home.

Power surges can occur from within the home just as often as outside it. While lightning is the common cause for a surge to spike and fry electrical appliances, something as simple as sending a document from your computer to the printer could cause a power surge. While many homeowners only suffer the initial frustration of having devices such as computers or gaming systems shut off and restart, and you could find yourself with ruined electrical appliances, and out thousands of dollars in repairs due to power surges.

Power strips are small surge protectors that work to save some devices from power spikes, but with a whole house surge and lightning protection system, you can rest assured that your home’s electrical appliances will be safe from sudden power surges, whether caused by natural or man-made forces. Contact your Langhorne electrician at Mandia Electric today to learn more about our surge protection products and how we can help you protect your home's electrical system and appliances from power spikes.

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